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Health and Safety Policies

In the interest of keeping your family and mine safe, I have instituted a few new policies

  • No symptoms of sickness. If I or anyone in my household is sick within a 14 day span of your session we will reschedule. I ask the same of you. I will be extremely flexible with any rescheduling needs.

  • At least six feet of distance at all times. I will be using a longer focal length lens for my sessions this year. This means I can be farther away, but still capture intimate family moments.

  • No pets at this time

  • Touch-free payment

  • I will be wearing a mask. Obviously, I cannot ask you and your family to wear a mask for your session (although one shot with everyone doing so may be a fun marker of the times), but I will be sure to have one on myself.

  • Only one family per day. I will only meet with one family in a day. That means I will not have any mini-session events this year. However, for the first time, I am offering personal mini sessions. Contact me at for more information.

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